Thursday, October 16, 2008

"reservoirs items" and "$34,000,000 Wrong!"

submitted by bike worryford from the Geologic Podcast comments threads.

reservoirs items

bike muses:
" that like fences and water and s*it?"

Much too literal. Like a deep reservoir, one must look more deeply into the phrase to find its meaning.

A reservoir is, at its essence, a vessel for holding things. The captcha is instructing you to look into the reservoir of your mind for the items there. To remove the detritus, the items that are impeding its function. Like a psychological superfund site.

$34,000,000 Wrong!

This captcha is clearly showing your reservations about the recent global financial crisis. You believe that the financial bailout is wrong, so much so that your captcha includes an exclamation point! Furthermore, the fact that the number is large, but not the actual value of the bailout bill that passed, indicates your ambivalence towards the bailout. You think it is wrong, but you are not sure that there is a better option. Much like the rest of the country, indeed, the world, you feel stuck.

End of line.

Friday, October 10, 2008

About this blog

ReCaptcha is a software program designed to help keep spammers off the Internet. It can be used in many different ways on blogs or Web sites. It provides two words which are somewhat distorted, that the individual must type correctly in order to make a comment on a blog, log into a page, or do certain other functions on a Web site.

The I Ching is an ancient Chinese text that was originally used to try to find order in the chaos of the natural world. In certain circles, it is thought to be a divination tool, much like runes or tarot cards.

Sometimes, ReCaptcha phrases, which are supposedly random, seem to have meaning above and beyond being two simple words chosen at random and strung together. Much like the order out of chaos found in the I Ching.

Thus the ReCaptcha I Ching was born.

I will be posting my own reCaptcha worth noting, but I also encourage others to submit their reCaptcha, with or without analysis.